Timber and Logging Equipment

Oil Distributors and Lubrication Solutions for the Timber and Logging Industries

In the logging industry productivity is critical to making a profit in the business. It’s often costly to conduct maintenance when breakdowns occur. Industrial Lubricant provides products and services you need to stay productive. Call or contact us today at (218) 328-0280 and set up an appointment with one of our knowledgeable lubrication professionals.



Lubrication solutions and equipment in the logging industry are important to get the job done with speed and efficiency in remote locations. We are one of the leading oil distributors in the industry and provide lubrication products and automatic grease systems and services designed to help you keep your equipment running strong.



Automated Grease System

If it has moving parts, chances are Industrial Lubricant has a lubrication solution to keep production high while minimizing downtime. Below is a partial list of application for our products and automatic grease systems:
•    Loaders
•    Excavators
•    Log Loaders


Oil Distributors: Lubrication Storage and On-Site Delivery

Reduce overhead for your operation with our warehousing services and on-site delivery.

Bulk Lubricant Transport

As one of the leading oil distributors, we have decades of experience in delivering bulk grease and other lubricants in a clean, efficient and cost-effective manner. Our bulk programs, custom-tailored to your business, eliminate waste, end the need for drum disposal, reduce contamination concerns and lower costs.

Black Cat Cutting Edges

Industrial Lubricant also carries the complete line of Black Cat Cutting Edges designed to maximize production in the Timber and Logging industry. Contact us (218) 328-0602 for more information.

Industry Partners

Some of our industry partners are SKF Lincoln, Alemite, Davco, Graco, and Phillips 66.