Power Generation Plant Equipment

Lubrication Solutions, Equipment, and Industrial Filtration Systems for Energy Industries

In industrial and energy applications, continuous production is a must, and the ongoing reduction of downtime is essential. To protect your equipment and maximize its productivity, Industrial Lubricant offers a wide range of options, including specialty lubricants for specialty needs, and industrial filtration systems. Call or contact ustoday at (218) 328-0280 and set up an appointment with one of our knowledgeable lubrication professionals.



Industrial Lubricant provides industrial filtration systems for the energy industry and power generation plant equipment, including chain system lubrication.



Automated Lubrication Systems

We have designed hundreds of automatic lubrication systems with cost-effective efficiency and easy-to-quantify results. We can customize automatic lubrication systems for almost any application. Below is a partial list of applications:
•    Excavators
•    Conveyor Systems
•    Chain System Lubrication
•    Mills
•    Kilns
•    Loaders
•    Crushers


Lubrication Equipment and Accessories

Industrial Lubricant Company provides sales and service for pumps, reels, meters, filters, desiccant breathers, and other products designed to meet your dispensing needs.

Complete Industrial Filtration Systems Line

We carry a complete line of filtration products and desiccant breathers designed to meet the needs of our industrial and energy customers.

Oil Analysis, Testing and Filtration

Put your cleaning responsibilities in the hands of the experts at Industrial Lubricant. Whether management comes to us under a temporary or routine contractual arrangement, we will work with you to develop and program specifically for your business.

Vacuum Dehydration Services

Water and oil don’t mix – and dry fluids can save a great deal on maintenance and production costs. Industrial Lubricant can ensure top performance with water monitoring and lubricant dehydration.


Industrial Lubricant can install coalescing filtration systems designed to extend the life of your oil by removing free and emulsified water.

Industry Partners

Some of our industry partners are SKF Lincoln, Graco, Hy-Pro Filtration, Whitmore, and AdelWiggins, Camfil Farr.