Rail Lubrication Systems


Industrial Lubricant offers a complete range of services for railroad customers, including proven lubricants, customized bulk grease delivery programs, wayside installation, service, and repair. From specifically-designed rail lubrication systems, to innovative products and full-service railroad friction management, we handle it all.



Railroad Friction Management and Bulk Grease Delivery

Lubrication is critically important to the railroad industry. Reduced friction significantly extends the life of the railroad track as well as provides increased fuel efficiency. Industrial Lubricant Company understands how proper management of lubricant equipment and rail lubrication systems and using high quality products can provide a substantial cost savings to those in the railroad industry.

Industrial Lubricant Company offers a complete range of services for our railroad customers, including customized bulk programs, wayside installation, service, repair, and management. Our experienced staff and service technicians can provide a turnkey program designed to effectively manage both “Top of the Rail” and “Gauge Face” style lubricators.

We have the equipment to facilitate both remote unit and bulk grease delivery. Our railroad friction management programs can be tailored to meet the needs of our customers. These programs are designed to increase rail life, reduce friction, and improve efficiency.

We have partnerships with several of the industry leaders in lubricant products specifically designed for the railroad industry. We are authorized dealers for Portec Rail ProductsSKF Lincoln ProductsWhitmore, and Camfil Farr. These partnerships have helped us become leaders in the railroad friction management industry. Call or contact us today at (218) 328-0602 and set up an appointment with one of our knowledgeable lubrication professionals.