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Alemite 9968 Medium-Pressure PML Fluid Dispensing Pump

  • Alemite 9968 Medium-Pressure PML Fluid Dispensing Pump


VENDOR : Alemite
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9968 Alemite Medium Pressure PML Fluid Dispensing Pump ILCO Main Website

The Alemite 9968 medium-pressure PML (pneumatic motor logic) fluid dispensing pump includes a bung adapter and is suitable for use with an Alemite downtube and a drum or tank (each sold separately) for delivering fluids up to SAE 140 through pipes of short to moderate length.


Delivery rate: 7 gallons per minute
Pump ratio:  5:1
The air motor has a 1/4" air inlet made of aluminum for light weight and resistance to corrosion
Female material inlet: 1-1/2" and
Female material outlet: 1/2"  pluse NPTF (National Pipe Taper Fuel) threading to prevent leaks.
Pump weighs 14 lb.
Air motor measures 3" in diameter.Double toggles provide even pressure without stalling the motor.
Pneumatically actuated pilot valves in the motor cause the spool valve to shift for controlling airflow.
This stationary pump is suitable for use with an Alemite 338246-1, 338246-2, 338246-3, 338246-6, 338147-1, 338147-2, 338147-3, or 338147-7 downtube (each sold separately).


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